What is it?

  • Zamboorak is an e-learning solution that facilitates effective training and learning
  • Our custom-made e-learning platform perfectly complements our methodology
  • It can be applied to any subject matter and all target groups
  • Our methodology leads to deep-rooted, meaningful and long-lasting learning
  • The methodology’s principles:
    • The content engages the learner through challenging acquisition
    • The material relates to previous knowledge
    • Retrieval practice features corrective feedback and is spaced, varied (different methods) as well as interleaved (different topics)
  • Progress is tracked to measure ROI
  • Learn more about our effective training and learning methodology here

What can we offer you?

  • Provision of fully hosted platform branded to your requirements
  • Platform support and maintenance
  • Application of our methodology to your material
  • Content creation
  • Consultancy services with regards to instructional design
  • Click here for our platform details